Music and Success

When you will do something and you had made every effort so that t is perfect in your sight, it may not be successful as you think it would be. In music, it is not all stories of success. There are musicians who had their share of fame but suddenly lost it and they had to separate ways. Others find other jobs and other members look for another band or form another band. It is not just for the band but also singers who had different ways.

There are singers who had a good career but was lost due to addiction and sickness. Others have lost their appeal and make a living in other ways. For the success, one must have something solid to offer that people will like. If you have a loyal fan, you can be able to be sure you have someone to support you. If they will see something from you that they like then they would be there. That is what makes other bands be successful.

In the Marilyn Manson band, the fans of it had also seen something in the band and so they continue to support it even if there are also its critics. The creativity of the band is one that makes them different from the others. The band stick to what they believe in and live with it through their performance.  That is why it is labeled as an icon in the music industry but it is one that has with it controversies and they were even blocked from performing.